Slush Pile

Welcome to the new Slush Pile of ideas. No one likes to see an idea go to waste and as mentioned in my post And They’re Off, I thought having a slush pile where others can come and take or leave might be of some interested. I wasn’t the only one, a few people mentioned I might have something there. This is by no means a new idea. I participated last year in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where the idea was to write a novel in a month. They had several of these areas where you could take an idea, for those who didn’t have one of their own, so I can’t take credit for this. However, I will take it one step further. This page will now be a staple on my site. Drop off an idea, pick one up. Just peruse what’s here.  No reason to worry if someone else picked up the idea before or after you, because you will make it your own. It would be interesting if after you’ve written your version, that you drop us a line so we can go take a gander. Short, long, somewhere in between. Let’s all enjoy. It’s like dropping the kids at the pool.

4 thoughts on “Slush Pile”

  1. I’ll start.
    what if every seven years as our cells regenerate, we get a new start on like? Not just decide to try something new, but get say a do over, a new beginning, we are sent back to go/start and must pick a new path. There’s no choice in it, it just happens and like ‘poof’ we’re not who we used to be or at least, not in the reality of who we used to be. Yeah, think about it.

    Think about the repercussions not only to who we are, our sense of self, but how that affect those around us. Every seven years, one minute you’re doing whatever, going to school, going to work, being us, and then we’re not. All of the sudden, figure out the when exactly, at the moment of our conception, our birth, our realization of self, we suddenly are not that person/essence anymore.

    Probably wouldn’t be such an issue at age seven or even fourteen, reality is basically what it is, we still have to go to school, but say at twenty one. How many of you were at college, or in the military, or even married, maybe had children and you were suddenly thrust into a new reality of life. Maybe there’s a space time continuum or something and we go to a dead stop and have a moment to figure out, okay, who do we want to be today, before life starts again and the teacher is now an Army Colonel, maybe we automatically have all the information we need for the job, or maybe it’s we have to start to build toward it, so we’re not a colonel but in the Army, or want to be in the Army.

    How would that sudden disappearance of a spouse, co-worker, child, affect those who built a life with them? Imagine the lifes we could live.And probably we wouldn’t be in sync with those we interact with so on any given day, something in the dynamic of your life structure, could change.

    Yep, don’t have all the particulars, but there’s the basic’s of the idea

  2. Really like this idea (not like I need more projects at this point, but hey!). Now I need to search my data banks (aka faulty memory and laptop hard drive) for the ideas I’ve been hoarding…pay it forward.

    I’ll be back!

  3. Another idea, if you’re interested…a story with totally androgynous characters.

  4. Hello! I just want to provide a huge thumbs up for the great data you’ll have right here about this publish. I will likely be coming back to your site for added quickly.

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