Old Writings

We envy the batter who can hit the ball out of the  park, the swimmer who has the tittle for fancy diving, or the artist who can give life to colors on canvas. What we fail to see is the long hours these experts spent acquiring their skill.

One must get quite a thrill when he learns for the first time that he is endowed with raw talent. He can sing, write a story, or jump higher than anybody else in his class. But talent has its price. Unless it is developed, it is useless.

Practice is a potent learning aid. All experts know this secret, and they use it to perfect their craft. Why not use this secret, too? Prize good work highly; practice.  it is great to have the power to learn; it is tragic not to use it.

This was written when I was in middle school, some years ago. I recently came across it and thought I’d share.