Musings of a Stifled Writer

Greetings and Salutations,

As luck would have it you have stumbled into my world. Perhaps it was unintentional, I’d like to hope you sought me out, but however you have arrived, I’m happy to have you.  If you love to read anything form Young Adult Fantasy, to thriller suspense, and a few genre’s in between, not to mention the odd audiobook review and more than a few flash fiction stories, then you are going to enjoy this site.

If you’re a first time visitor to my site and would like a quick look at my writing style, please read Drop Dead Fred and then if you want more, visit my blog for some flash fiction.

Just looking for the Blog


If your taste run to light hearted, Izzabella is my Young Adult Fantasy series (currently 8 books)  that follows the trials and tribulations of a young Elf named Lace. Meet her friends, Marvin, Zephram, Egg, Allyn, Dumas, Cowboy (aka Lucky), and Godrich.  Each in their own way help Lace learn to love and trust again, survive an attempt on her life and save her Homeland.


For suspense  read  Not Her Father’s Son.        

Alex Carver works for the DOJ and has recently returned to field work after an undercover assignment ended badly and she was critically wounded. Now she’s got a new partner, Jack, who has his own secrets and doesn’t trust Alex, if for no other reason than she ‘s romantically involved with his sister. But the case that irrevocably altered Alex’s life is being revisited,  and she must face her tyrannical father, an old lover, and the choices she made resulting in a missing agent.  With Jack along for the ride, no one escapes unscathed.


Death of a Political Nobody is a Thriller wrapped in romance with just the hint of sexual tension that escalates into full on heat.

Jon is on the verge of a vice-presidency when his estranged wife  reemerges requesting his help. But people seen in Sabine’s company often show up hours or days later missing their hearts and Jon knows if he follows his, he can forget a political future.