Monday Mixer

“You peahen!” True as it was I knew calling Jeff names wouldn’t help my situation. I turned my head, little as I could, in hopes of finding a way out. There was none. I’d followed the daft fellow, from the taproom to the arboretum and somehow ended up slipping into the crevasse.

“I warned you,” Jeff shouted. “Can’t do nuthin with such a miniscule brain.”

That’s when I heard his derisive laugh echo in and around me. He’d done this on purpose. Being the dogmatic person I am, I vowed to one day, after I got out of this particular fix, to kill him.

It took five decades and a lot of hutzpah, but my brother was manacled. I looked at the peahen, and for a moment thought to spare his miserable soul. Then he laughed that derisive laugh that again gave away his lunacy.

I used a single bullet.

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