Monday Mixer week 14

The  Haberdasher’s Daughter

At the metroplex on Altus 4, Sara looked to the uniformed warrior. Her father, the only haberdasher around, she’d seen other warriors, but this one had her heart leaping, hands sweating, and loins aching. She wasn’t a profligate person, but for him…

“Your suit will be ready by end of business,” Targon looked to his daughter.

Sara slipped out, hesitating an instant at spaceport when the warrior came into view then followed in silent footsteps.

“Come away with me?” Solomon turned as soon as they were alone in darkness. “Your father needn’t know.”

“Nocturnal outings, but this,” Sara said pensive.

“Be one with me.” He said between desperate kisses. “Tell me you’ve not thought the same?

Solomon’s hands wandered, all thought, but that of carnal knowledge fled as the heat between Sara’s thighs rose.

“I’ll ask your hand.”

In Frantic in need, Sara wrapped around his swelling masculinity in agreement.

Monday mixer is held by Jeffrey Hollar and the rules for the flash is simple. 150 words. there are required, location, thing and adjective. Jeff gives us a choice of three for each and you must incorporate at least one from each.

1 thought on “Monday Mixer week 14”

  1. Something’s heating up there!

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