Lori’s publications include two short stories on the online magazine The Masquerade Crew, a short story and personal essay available online and in print with The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine, and are featured in Flights Literary Journal, Nexus Literary Jounral, and Mock Turtle Zine. To hone her craft she has attended Antioch Writer’s Workshop, Erma Bombeck Writer’s WorkshopKiller Nashville, and Mad Anthony’s Writer’s Conference, Magna Cum Murder, and Midwest Writers Workshop. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers associations. To date her completed novels are a series of six young adult fantasy, a romantic thriller, and a suspense. If you look around the web you can find flash fiction pieces on many blogs and writer sites as she enjoys keeping it tight by narrowing the words.

As once described by her mother, Lori is “A jack of all trades, master of none.” In her early twenties she worked as a fire fighter/ paramedic and in her late twenties, early thirties work in the banking industry.  After the birth of her children, she joined the United States Postal Service first as a carrier, moving to a clerk, and then a custodian. It was while working nights as a custodian that she rekindled a love of writing. Being mechanically inclined, a few years ago she moved to her current day job as an automation sorting machine mechanic with the USPS and became serious about making writing for publication a goal.

She now spends her time caring for her retired military husband, three grown children, and is focusing on her love of writing, producing short stories and several novels.

Lori is currently writing a novel about a detective whose world is turned upside when a young boy is dropped in her life.

If you’d like to contact her: lori@lorifetterslopez.net

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