A Little Fantasy

On the following pages are a little bit of  Young Adult Fantasy for those who enjoy mythical beings and creatures, a little time travel, and a touch of magic from time to time.

The first story, An Unexpected Turn, is a YA fantasy that I wrote as a short story. It’s been suggested it reads more like the first chapters of a novel, and I’ve given it a try a few times, but haven’t found a good line to follow. Maybe in time.

An Unexpected Turn:  Iggy wakes on her seventeenth birthday wanting, desperately wanting things to change, but what comes her way is far more than her wildest dreams.



Izzabella is the tittle of my YA Fantasy series and as it has gone through many a mutation, I thought it might be interesting to see where it began. The base story has remained the same, but when I began, I had no idea where the story was going. Truth is, it began as a challenge, if our group were all mythical creatures, who would we be. As the edits have evolved, a few of the friends have been axed to bring clarity, sorry if you’re one of them. I’m currently reworking the first few chapter and will post those in the days that follow. Trying to ready the piece for submission. Wish me luck