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By Stephen King
Read by Stephen Weber
Published by Simon and Schuster Audio
Run time 44 hours 57 minutes

Seven kids growing up in Dairy Maine have an experience in 1958 that though they can forget, they can not escape.

All but on has forgotten their childhood until a phone call from the past brings them back to the nightmare that sent them scattering. Who comes out alive is yet to be discovered. Bill, Beverly, Ben, Mike, Eddie, Richie, and Stan only vaguely remember their small-town youth after Mike calls them back. Once there….

Life was simpler, but also just as deadly for the children. IT is living in the sewers and killing children, starting with Bills brother 1958. They’re dying again. Who can stop it?

Boy, this is one long book. Almost 45 hours. Three minutes shy. In places the story is fast paced and in others, slow and often wondering. King paints a very vivid picture of the town and goes on to tells about each player. Not to mention IT. (Penny-Wise the clown) But what or who is IT and why is it killing children? Read it.

I’m not a huge horror fan, but I enjoyed this book, if not the amount of back story on some characters we meet only once. Overall I would recommend the book. Some might disliked the multiple points of view, but I wasn’t bothered by them.

Is there anything I disliked about IT? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t care to know the “bad guy’s” point of view. The length and amount of back story for each character that we follow, as well those with us only a short time, I found excessive. The information was interesting, but didn’t necessarily move the story along. I also felt it could have ended a little sooner.

Something more than what did I like or dislike about the book, more that I found intriguing from a writers point of view, King ended many of his chapters in the middle of a sentence and picked up the end of the sentence at the start of the next chapter. They say leave them hanging at the end of a chapter so you want to keep reading, this seems to work.

As for the narration, Weber was spot on with pacing. He has a pleasant, even voice. I could listen to him narrate again.

So, bottom line, I’d recommend IT for anyone and also those who like horror. Come on, it’s KING!