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By: C. L. Pauwels

Published By: CrossRoads Press 

Jadz is on the case again. Only this time it’s her ex-husband’s childhood friend whose found murdered, and comes with unwanted advances from the ex. The case was originally written off as a drug buy gone side ways and Jadz is reluctant to look further into it. Her partner’s distrust of the ex ratchets up the tension and Jadz is left torn by obligations to both.

Burned Bridges is book two following Toledo Homicide Detective Veronica Jadzinski (Jadz). It mixes police work with real life, you know–home, parents, siblings–to make a book you’re not going to want to put down. CL Pauwels does a great job of reminding us that even detectives have lives outside of the office.

Did I like the book? Yes. I really enjoyed getting to know Jadz’s ex-husband and the interaction/tension/passion that remains between the two.  And of course I would recommend it and book one. Forty And Out. Read my review here.

Was there anything I didn’t like about the book? Not really, except maybe that it ended. Look forward to more with Jadz. What says you?