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Written by: Tim Waggoner
Published by: Severed Press

I’m just going to say it right at the start, Severed Press is exactly the publisher for this book, considering what happens to many of those who reside within the pages. It’s a horror book, duh. With lots of action, a touch of human, and some nature.

Lara has followed her father for years in search of a sea creature that’s presumed extinct, but he believes murdered his wife. Joel was once in love with Lara, and more than obsessed with her father whose white whale also haunted Joel’s childhood. Now they find themselves tossed together on a resort island paradise in a fight for life, limb—literally—and professional respect. If they can manage to keep their heads.

The creatures? Think Jaws on steroids, mixed with sea turtles.

If you like fast paced action, blood, guts, and just the hint of romance, you’re going to enjoy this book. Did I like it? Yep. I’d recommend The Teeth of the Sea to any horror reader who likes a little water in their stew.

Is there anything I dislike about The Teeth Of The Sea? Yes, I personally don’t like to know the “bad guys” point of view. Though in this case, I think the roles of expectation might be a bit skewed. What really annoyed me was the description of what everyone was wearing and looked like. I skimmed over it once I discovered that information did nothing for the story.

If you haven’t read Tim Waggoner, this is a good place to start.