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Written By: K. M. Obrien 

Published By: K. M. Obrien

Anailu Xindar is happy to be an engineer on a commercial shipping vessel. But her dream has always been to fly her own ship. Sometimes, we must be pushed to reach for our dreams. When Anailu is left without a job on an outer rim planet, she takes a chance to reach for the skies. Funds are low and her prospects for a decent ship are limited, but when she comes across a rare find, she brokers a deal that will not only test her mechanical abilities, but her resolve to see her dreams come true.

From the first chapter, Anailu is a competent engineer who tends to be a loner. When she discovers the Dove class ship with major issues and more than a few mysteries, she must learn to make friends and trust others if she hopes to have it fly beyond the planet.

The Sculptured Ship is a character driven story that really pulls the reader to keep turning pages. Anailu and the cast of characters grow on you and the ship’s mysteries beg to be uncovered.

The author does a good job of bringing the reader to root for Anailu, but I found the need for additional editing distracting. Not enough to keep me from finishing, but I’d be disingenuous if I didn’t mention the need.

Did I like the book? Yes. The story kept me turning the pages, which as you all know is hard because I prefer to listen.

Was there anything I disliked? The chapter near the middle of the book where we have a point of view shift. I don’t like shifts to the bad guys point of view. My personal preference. As for the chapter, I think the author gave enough hints throughout the book, that removing the chapter would have very little impact on the plot.

As a first time author The Sculptured Ship was a great read and I look forward to another adventure for Anilu from K. M. Obrien.

The Sculpted Ship can be purchased at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.