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Read by: Karen Ziemba
Published By: Simon & Schuster Audio
Run Time:10 hrs and 36 mins
Sure, Roger has had mental health issues and one attempt at suicide in the past, but he’s moved on from that. So when he goes missing while on his cruise, his Aunt contacts high school friend Stuart Raney, currently an employee of Ali Reynolds, owner of High Noon Enterprise, a computer security company, to find out what really happened.
When Owen Hanson’s father committed suicide with a note that only says “Sorry,” Owen becomes obsessed. He uses his cyber skills and personally built AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer he’s named Frigg to hack the files of a Psychotherapists who specializes in suicide, to target her patients pushing them to follow in their parents footsteps.
Can Stuart and Ali find the true reason Roger fell to his death before Owen strikes again? Or will Owen and Frigg use their cyber skills on another victim, or even his own hands to kill Stuart?
This is an on edge of your seat, fast paced story that will keep you listening until the end.
Would I recommend the book? Yes. If you love murder mysteries that use technology to perpetrate and stop a crime, you’ll like this book. It has enough technology included without leaving the average computer user behind.
How was the narration? Great. Karen did an excellent job of pacing and keeping the listener on track.
Was there anything I disliked about the book? well…. actually…I’ve liked most of the J. A. Jance books that I’ve listened to and the story line of this one was great, but my issue is the continued recap of the action that JUST happened. If you’re paying attention to the story, you don’t need someone to recap every scene the action from the scene we just listened to. This recapping may not bother anyone else, but it did me. I’m not saying it kept me from finishing, but I could have done without it. And as you all know, I personally don’t care to hear the bad guy’s POV.
Man Overboard can be purchased at Simon & Schuster.