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Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again
By Theresa Caputo
Read by: Theresa Caputo
Time: 7 hours 2 minutes

Ever wonder how to move beyond the heart ache of loss? Curious how your loved ones feel on the other side? Need guidance on how to honor your family? Theresa Caputo has been channeling those who crossed over for a long time. In her new book Good Grief, she helps us move past the loss and begin living again.
Theresa has been doing readings and many of us have loved her show LONG ISLAND MEDIUM. In every episode, and all of her readings, Spirit tells her that we the living, need to move back into the living. To let go of our guilt or worry of those who have gone and begin to enjoy life again. But how? In her most recent book, Good Grief, she tells us how. As only she can.
This book is full of stories from past reading and Theresa’s own life experiences. She guides us through the healing process and shows us how to find our new “normal” after a death. In her usual witty and upbeat way, she pushes healing. Theresa has included exercises at the end of each chapter to guide us to find the release.
I love Theresa and find her upbeat personality inspirational. And for me, there is nothing better than the author reading their books. No one can really put Spirit into the information like Theresa.
Did I enjoy the book and would I suggest it? Yes. Especially if you’re experiencing the recent loss of a loved one. But those with old wounds can learn as well.
Was there anything I disliked about the book? I can’t pick anything out. Pacing was great and it was an easy listen. Following the instructions in the exercises are detailed.
If you’re want to hear more from Theresa, you can also read my review of her other book There’s More To Life Than This.