Revisiting Christmas past.  Originally published on December 17, 2013.

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town

drove the little brown elf in his truck painted brown

his uniform was dirty and it wasn’t from soot

you see he had fallen from a slippery foot

he landed in mud of a questionable source

oh how he hoped it came not from a horse

but he pulled himself up and continued that night

all the gifts to deliver and gone was day light

his helper was fast and they got so much done

for the speed of the team a race they had won

all the gifts were delivered with oh so much care

but graceless were they and without any flare

By Stuart Fetters

Stuart is my brother and has a way with the rhyme, his is but one step out of time. He toils and trolls in his brown UPS truck, hoping all the time that he won’t get stuck. With Christmas upon us, in very short order, the task he accepted is to bring all the present (I can’t rhyme that) With his helper and a full tank of gas, he races through streets with his overfilled pack.

Okay, just read his and enjoy it. He says he’s not a writer.

My Christmas contribution will be along by weeks end. or maybe… I’ll post it Christmas eve.

Here’s his other little Rhyme

Just a week before Christmas and all that was heard
what do you want? “want” is what’s heard
the parents were shopping in stores and on line
hopping to give the ultimate find
wanting to make the little ones smile
no expense was excessive, go the extra mile
Mommy and daddy worked all day long
to pay for the toys that were long gone
more they demanded and begged and they plead
give us much more, oh yes if you please
the toys and the games aren’t very much fun
if no ones is there and parents just run
for the biggest of smile usually comes
from a cup of good coffee, laced with some rum
didn’t go where you thought it would, haha