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By: Martha Moody

Narrated by: Renée Raudman, Todd McLaren

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Length: 9 hrs and 23 mins


Caroline and Dr. Markowitz work in harmony with Dr. Stub, Alica, the nurse, and Brice their accountant. There’s a family feeling within the practice until Alcia and Dr. Stub beginning a relationship that shifts the dynamics sending everyone to opposite corners.

Not my usual read/listen, The Office Of Desire is a story about relationships within a small medical practice and how it evolves over shifting alliances. There’s no murder, gasp, or steamy sex, but there is plenty of emotions and an exploration of what makes us human, our interactions with others. Told from two views, we get to see how Caroline, the receptionist feels when the office nurse climbs in bed with one of the doctors. From Caroline’s take, to get a financial up for Alicia’s fatherless son. And the angst Dr. Markowitz feels as his once partnership is stretched and his opinion matters less than the hired help.

I found it well written and the character believable. The narration was professional and timing spot on.

Was there anything I didn’t like about the book? No murders. No crime to solve. No new scientific discoveries or lone warrior saving the world. Its a story about life. Mostly I look for escapism.

Would I recommend The Office of Desire? Yes, if this is your type of book. If you love to read about relationships and the interactions between people this book will keep you turning pages.