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517tknufzdl__aa300_Written and Narrated By Michael J. Fox

Produced By Books On Tape Inc.

5 hours 30 minutes

We all know Michael J. Fox as the lovable Alex P. Keaton or Marty McFly from the Back to the Future fame. But before, during, and after, Michael was just a man. A very talented man, but still, human like the rest of us. This is his memoir, narrated by Michael which makes it that more enjoyable for me.

Born in Canada, I’m not sure if that’s relevant, Michael was a precocious child. I’m pretty sure I can say that. He speaks of being somewhat of a handful.  Michael wasn’t the best of students, disliking, as he says, the subjects that have definite answers, like math. 1 plus 1 equals 2. So where is the fun in that? He does like to act and turns out he’s good at it.

But his memoir is about more than acting, or being a child who doesn’t like math, as many don’t, it’s about his early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. A disease know as an old person’s disease because most often ravages the body later in life. Most often. Michael is among a growing number of young-onset Parkinson sufferers.

I enjoyed the memoir and learning more about Michael J. Fox as well as Parkinson’s. He doesn’t go into great detail about the disease, but he does go over his personal struggle and diagnosis. For me, I wanted to listen to this as much to learn about Michael, he’s a funny guy, as my father suffered from Parkinson’s.

Would I recommend the book? yes. If you like memoirs.

Is there anything I disliked about the book? Only that I borrowed the book from the library and it was abridged. I try hard not to listen to abridged versions of books, but this is the only one my library carried.