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by Jake Wizner published by Random House Children’s Books Unknown Audiobook by Listening Library Narrated by Mike Chamberlain 6 hours 34 minutes     Shakespeare Shapiro is in his senior year at Hemmingway High School. Every senior is required to take a year long writing seminar and their final project is to write their memories. Past memories have made the school famous. And thus begins the story. Shakespeare, who hates his name, takes us through his memoirs in a very humorous, burst out laughing way. After all, his family is completely dysfunctional, his best friends include Neal, who keeps a poop journal, and Katie, whose sarcasm can only be described as hostile, and an unhealthy, er normal teenage boy lustful thoughts on the female body and how to get someone to have sex with him on prom night. Did I mention his younger brother is more popular than he is and that Shakespeare has never even had a date? I’ve listened to and read this book before, I rarely actually read books if I don’t have to, but recently I listened to it again and was reminded of how funny it is. I’ll say it’s not for everyone as most of the humor is juvenile male humor, but it is clean without the proliferation of sex, profanity, and gratuitous violence that often litters young adult books. The writing is great, Jake hits every funny bone in my body and he does so without being vulgar. As for the narration, Mike Chamberlain brings Shakespeare to life with a spot on voice that just seems to run rampant. I Love Mike’s voice in this. Would I recommend Spanking Shakespheare? Yes, as would my brother who borrow my copy and when I played the audio version on our recent vacation, was busting a gut. Even my sister who prefers the likes of Dean Kuntz, truly enjoyed the humor. Is there anything I disliked about the book? Maybe that it ended too soon, but not really, any longer would have gone overboard. I