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BY Keith Houghton

Narrated by David Doersch

Produced by Scriptacular LTD.

Unabridged 12 hours 50 minutes

From the jacket: “Celebrity Cop” Gabe Quinn is back working Homicide after a personal tragedy has left him emotionally bare. He’s raw, but resolved to catch a serial killer stalking the streets of two major cities. With cryptic clues left at each crime scene, Gabe is faced with the seemingly impossible task of piecing together the bizarre puzzle, following signs that point toward a killer whose motive questions everything he believes in…If you could save a million lives by taking one, would you?

Sometimes a book starts off slow, sometimes you need to work your way into it, this book just slams you into the action from the go. The prologue throws the reader into action like a bull tosses his rider. I will say this, I’m not one for prologues, though this one worked.

Quinn isn’t new to police work. He has a history  that he is nowhere close to being over. Though I applaud the author in not tying us down in back story (this is book 1) about Quinn’s emotional problems, I would have liked a little more information. I kept feeling like I was on book 2 and should go get book 1 to really have a good handle on what was going on with Quinn.

We meet Detective Quinn  at the homicide scene of a young girl. The method is one he knows well and has been tracking for sometime. But why here? Why now?

Before we know it Quinn is in Vegas and yet another homicide. There’s FBI and local law enforcement involvement. His serial killer has moved to a new location, but not new killing methods.

THe author does a good job of drawing us into Quinn’s character and rooting for his success. With the story moving quickly and shifting from POVs, some of the clues as to the killer’s identity are lost in the spin. I frequently felt like I were one step behind or had jumped a chapter.

Did I enjoy the book? For the most part. What I disliked about the book is purely subjective. I don’t care to know the “bad guys” point of view. I just don’t. As I listened to the book, I also feel like I need to relisten because in the end I knew there were more clues about the killer than I picked up on.

THe narrator had a great voice and did an excellent job of keeping the voices of the characters distictive. As for the production, it could have been better. The author swaps between POVs and this, as well as the scene changes, was a little off putting. Each time I was lost for several seconds. I would suspect this wouldn’t have been an issue in a paper book.

Note. I’ve now listened to the book a second time. There is a lot of details that are just missed in a first read because they are so subtle. The main character has saying and idiosyncrasies  that infact are clues to the killer, but because of how they are presented, are missed.