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By Marissa Meyer


Cinder is a talented mechanic living in a future world. She’s also a cyborg, after being injured in a hover craft accident. Did I mention she has an evil stepmother?
Forced to work and give all her earnings to her stepmother, Cinder is in the marketplace when the Prince comes looking for the best mechanic anyone has ever known. He didn’t expect the mechanic to be female. Nor did Cinder expect to meet the handsome prince.
They become fast friends even as the lies Cinder tells him mounts. When her beloved stepsister becomes ill with Levitosa (a debilitating blue fever that takes lives in mere days) Cinder’s stepmother volunteers her for testing in hopes of finding a cure. A testing no cyborg has ever lived through. And Cinder just may be the missing link. To the cure… and to…
The Lunar Queen, (moon people) has been trying for years to get a peace agreement with the colonies, by marrying the King. But when he dies of levitosa, she targets the Prince as her new fiance. Her plan, most believe, is to marry the King, become the Queen, and then kill her husband and rule Earth.
Knowing the precarious situation that has existed between them, the Prince has been looking for the only way to stop the Queen. Finding the rightful heir. Who just happens to have been killed years before. Or has she? rumor has it the Princess not only survived the fire that ran through her home, but was smuggled to Earth.
This is a great take on the old Cinderella story. You have the handsome prince. The woebegone Cinderella. An evil stepmother.  Two stepsister, though in this story one of them loves Cinder. And a ball. Yes, there is a ball and everyone is going but Cinder. But there are also cyborgs and androids and an evil queen and aliens (moon people.) This was a fun read. Some of it got a little cheesy, but still.
Did I enjoy the story? Yes, very much.
Was there anything I didn’t like about it? yes, how it ended. Not that it left you hanging, but it left me hanging. Also, you pretty much know certain things by chapter two and just wait to see how they will eventually be revealed. Then again, this is geared toward a younger reader.
Would I recommend the book? Yes. For those who like young adult and a good fairy tale.
You can get a tease and read chapter one here.