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By: Frank Zafiro


Jake used to be a cop. Now Jake deals in stolen property with his 2 man crew, only times are tough for everyone in Spokane. Turning to what he plans as a one time gig to earn extra funds, Frank makes a deal to sell drugs. Doesn’t take but a hot second before the bottom falls out of this new venture and ghosts from the past come to haunt leaving Jake in a battle for his life.

Frank brings his experience as a police officer to the story giving it the authenticity we readers, this reader, craves. The characters are real and I felt for Jake, each heart pounding second, as everything he tried turned to shit.

Was there anything I didn’t like about At Their Own Game? Didn’t like? Not so much, but I had figured out how it would end before we got there. Almost all of it.

Would I recommend the book? Yes, for those who enjoy these type of books. This book was a detective story only the detective is a fence, but the story had the same feel.

I read this book, but I happen to know it’s available in an audio version for those like myself who prefer to listen.

Just a side note. I had the opportunity to meet Frank and his wife at the Killer Nashville Writers Conference 2014 and found him to be very personable and geniune. A nice guy to enjoy a beer with and a conversation about everything writing.