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by Stephen King

Read by Will Patton

Director and Producer Christina Zarafonitis

Published by Audioworks

Run Time 14 hours

A line of job seekers stand in the predawn hours waiting for the promise of employment when out of the fog a stolen Mercedes plows into the crowd, killing many, including a young mother and child.

Detective Kermit Hodges worked what was labeled by the media as the Mercedes massacre. Now he’s retired. But he’s not living life large. He spends most of his days, and nights, watching the television and absently playing with his father’s old revolver. Until a letter comes in the mail drawing him back to his last case and the nagging that he and his partner missed something.

In ever Stephen King fashion we are quickly immerged in a world pitching good against evil with a healthy dose of psychotic. The characters walk right off the page as alive as your neighbor and the story pulls you in further and further hoping to find the answers and hoping our hero won’t be kill before he can stop the mad man.

This is an edge of your seat fast paced story that begs to be read quickly. Or listened to in my case. That said,  I just wanted to hit 2x to get the narrator to speed up. Narration was good, but slow. Slow, even pace, but I wanted it faster. And not to say there was any problem with the narrator, the voice is killer, his pacing steady.

Would I recommend this book? It’s King? yeah. Fast paced, hard hitting, and yes, just a little over written.

Was there anything I didn’t like about Mr. Mercedes? This is another case where we are in the head of the killer. I personally would prefer to have just followed the detective and discover who the “perk” was as the detective did. I think it would have been a more interesting read if we’d followed only the detective and discovered what the killer had done and tried to figure out his motivation. My opinion.