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By Oliver North and Bob Hamer

Read by Peyton Tochterman with an introduction by the author

Produced by Simon & Schuster

Run time 9.5 hours

Undercover work doesn’t come without risk and veteran FBI agent Jake Kruse has been investigating a smuggling ring in Southern California for some time, but things are about to change. Through a mutual acquaintance, a prominent attorney approaches Jake with a business proposition. The attorney wants to hire Jake to assassinate the daughter of the investigation’s target. But the payment for the kill is in super-notes,  large denomination counterfeit money and soon every government entity with a three letter acronym is on board wanting a piece of the operation.

This is fast paced, tension filled, with enough detail to make it intriguing and not so much as to be overloading. The story was captivating, if not unbelievable in that we’d like to think our government doesn’t run such operations.

Was there anything about the book I disliked? Yeah, repeated information to remind the reader of certain details, like Jake, the undercover agent, Jake, the FBI agent, Jake, the whatever. As a reader of these types of books, I don’t need a constant reminder of who Jake is and what he does or the other characters in the book.

Peyton tochterman did a great job with Jake’s voice.  Pacing was on the mark and the injection of emotion into the voice when the tension racketed was spot on. Peyton’s voice will be one I look for from now on when listening to books.