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WITH STORIES WRITTEN BY: Deenis Lehane vs. Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin vs. Peter James, R.L. Stine vs. Douglas Preson and Lincoln Child, M.J. Rose vs. Lisa Gardner, Stevver Martini vs. Linda Fairstein, Jeffery Deaver vs. John Sandford, Heather Graham vs. F.. Paul Wilson, Raymond Khoury vs. Linwood Barclay, John Lescroart vs. T. Jefferson Parker, Steve Berry vs James Rollins, Lee Child vs. Joseph Finder


This is an eleven-story anthology curated by the International Thriller Writers (ITW). All of the contributors to FaceOff are ITW members -making this collaborative possible. Thank you ITW.

Run Time 11 hours

Edited by David Baldacci

Read by: Dylan Baker, Jeremy Bobb, Dennis Boutsikaris, Daniel Gerroll, January LaVoy, David Baldacci

Published by  Simon & Schuster Audio

Let me just cut to the chase, this was amazing! (That would be my allowable one exclamation point for this post) Imagine if you will 23 of the best thriller writers out there today. Now imagine their most beloved characters. And put them in stories with characters from other stories. Do you like Harry Bosch, written by MIchael Connelly? How about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher? There are 11 stories combining such characters and each one, okay, I had one I wasn’t overly thrilled with, was a no stop story that kept me reading/listening long past my job’s end. (Because we all know I listen to books while I work.) One additional comment on this is the authors are more paired than vs. versus to me indicates against one another where except for the R.L. Stine story, they worked together.

The stories are great. Yes, there was one that I yawned during, but when you consider the number, you’re bound to find one you don’t love. It was still a good story, just a little slow paced for me. I thought I read/listen to a lot of books, but I only knew, by name, half of each pairing. So now I have 11 additional authors to look for.

When authors like Jeffery Deaver put Lincoln with John Sandford’s Lucas and their women, you get a great interaction that feels like sparks flying off the page. When R.L. Stine put Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy against Aloysius Pendergast, I shivered. Of course the stories were book ended with my favorites, Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher.

Each reading had great narrators and the production couldn’t be flawed. That said, was there anything I disliked about the narration of the book? Yes, Dick Hill should have read the Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch stories, but that’s my preference, because I hear his voice when I read either character. Ever reader did a wonderful job. Pacing was good even if the one story lagged.

Was there anything about the book I didn’t like? Not really. Mostly, I wanted the stories to go longer, flush out the characters and story a bit more.  I would like to see the characters put together in other stories. I like when characters I follow interact with other characters.

I know I haven’t really told you much about the stories themselves, but they’re short. If you like these authors and their famous characters, you’re going to truly like the stories they’ve collaborated on so go buy your copy.