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Written by Sharon Short

Narrated by Em Eldridge

Audio  6 hours 14 minutes

Also available in paperback



Patricia Delaney has been an investigative consultant, fancy words for PI, for about 4 years. She’s not “new” to the job, but this case puts her on edge and she’s not initially sure why. Elsa, business manager and owner’s daughter, of a real-estate-auction agency wants Patricia to find a missing  agent and the $100,000 gone from the agency’s safe. When Patricia suggests that the two may not be related, she’s told they are, period. She’s to find the money and the man, and ignore any thing having to do with the agency.

Then Elsa pulls out several envelopes addressed in cutout, pasted-on, newsprint to her father Elsa discovered the envelopes mixed with the regular mail. Inside Patricia finds hatpins and letters vaguely threatening Elsa’s father. Patricia is directed not to speak of the hatpins to anyone. Before she finds the answers to either mystery, a body is found and the stakes get higher.

As if Patricia needs any distractions, her sister, a lifelong victim of her own poor judgment, wants to drop her 16 year old daughter off. Patricia has no children of her own and isn’t sympathetic to the young girl’s over dramatic exploits, but they’ll manage, maybe.

The book was written a few years back, you know, before everybody and their brother had computers, cell phones, and Google. There were a few times when I just wanted to say “hey, why don’t you use your cell?” or “Google that stuff!” Brought me back to when the netbook I use wasn’t even a glitter in HP’s eye. But Patricia is tech savy. She’s ahead of her time with a PC, subscriptions to several online data bases, and connections through an online PI bulletin board.

This is a good read, um, listen. The story is well-crafted with a lot going on. I don’t grab cozy mysteries often, but when I do I always finish thinking I’ve been missing out. Angel’s Bidding left me wanting to read more about Patricia. I enjoyed the story, the characters, and twists. I’m one of those readers who can usually pick out the who-done-it by the first quarter of the book, or at least just past half way. Not this time. I was still on the fence between two possibilities all the way until the reveal. That’s what I liked about it.

What didn’t I like about the book? First, I wanted more about the niece and how Patricia interacted with her. For me the recap every so often of what had already happened, was annoying. Not over the top annoying because I quickly got over it, but I could have done without it. I think, as I’ll explore in another post later, that it’s a genre thing, and maybe one reason I don’t pick up cozies that often. Lots of red herrings, details, little items that had me going…hmmm.

Now, we all know I’m an audio book junkie and yes, this was another audio book. Em Eldridge has narrated a few of Sharon’s books and Em has a nice pleasant voice. I felt she was a good fit for the personality of Patricia. That said, I know Em is still getting her feet wet with narration and a few times her delivery was off. A mispronounced word. A pause or lack of one, where one was needed, but pacing was great, and inflection was on the mark. I’d look for her to be among those winning awards before long.

Bottom line…. Would I suggest this book to others? Yes. Go. Buy it! Enjoy! And if you like this book, look for the others in the series.  


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