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Sanity CHeck

by Sharon Short

read by EM Eldridge

published by Cornerstone Communications

audio version by Audible

run time 6 Hours 4 Minutes

Sanity Check started as an occasional column in the Dayton Daily News. It quickly grew a following and for the last ten years, Sharon has been entertaining us with stories about every day life. As a mother, housewife ,and a writer, Sharon’s column included humorous anecdotes running the gambit from washer wacking to hair color and sibling rivalry to family vacations and how to find time to write while shuttling her girls to soccer practice. Sharon’s a huge wimp, or  she’d like you to believe she is, but you won’t believe what she did one vacation in her hopes of sparing the children sibling angst. In this book is a compilation of the top 100 columns and, trust me, everyone will find at least one story they can relate to.

Though these stories reminded this reader of another Dayton Daily News columnist who brought humor to readers, Sharon definitely has her own voice. A few of the situations were reminiscent of Erma Bombeck’s musings from back when I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate them. Sharon’s take is all her own. I mean, Dad’s don’t babysit, juggling multiple sports events, and her favorite stress reliever…

Nope, go read the book.

As you all know I don’t really “read,” that often, and you guessed it, I didn’t read this book, but listened to Em Eldrige narrate it. How was her delivery? The text translated nicely and she nailed the occasional sarcastic undertone, but I had one minor annoyance, okay two.

Probably because I’ve had the privilege of meeting Sharon, but I thought Em sounded too young. There is a certain amount of authority in these stories and the voice didn’t carry that authority. The second thing that bothered me is more of a production issue. There wasn’t enough time between the end of one story and the title of the next. In part 1 of the audiobook I backed up in a couple places because I was confused. Part 2 was a little better, but I felt it was still too short.

Bottom line? I liked the book and I think you will to. My advice? Read the book. You’ll laugh. And you’ll chuckle. You’ll find yourself empathizing with Sharon and you’ll find yourself going, “I should have tried that.” And I’ll leave you with one last tease… PANTYHOSE!

Thanks Sharon for the opportunity to  read listen to this collection.

Another book I truly enjoyed by Sharon Short is My One Square Inch of Alaska.