With the arrival of 2014 and the tradition of making resolutions, many will forget by the 2nd month, I thought to throw my hat in the fray.
So without further ado…
I resolve to do the following

1. Put my work out there.

Last year I had moderate success with the publication of several short stories and I intend to capitalize on that this year with a novel contract. What that means in real life, is I will be submitting more queries than ever before and in order to succeed will be doing research for the best possible agent and/or publisher. And you all know how much I adore audiobooks…I want an audiobook publication of one or all of my novels. I have a friend who has agreed, maybe not now that he’s a famous actor and everything but did before when he was a nobody with one hell of a voice, to narrate one of my novels. My hope is to have Dick Hill and Susie narrate another one. I’ve got it picked out.

2. Move.

Notice I did not say lose weight, because although that maybe the end result, my desire is to be more active not to torture myself with physical brutality in the form of a stringent gym schedule. I’ll save the torture for submitting to the ever changing and harsh reality of the subjectiveness that is publishing.

3. Let go of the “its my job to make sure everyone is happy” mentality.

No one can make another person happy. Happiness does not come from an outside sources even as it can bring you happiness to see say a cute fuzzy bunny. Happiness comes from within and no one, not me, not your best friend, and not your mother, can make you happy, so let it go.

So there you have it, my three resolutions for the bright and sunny new year. What do you resolve to do?