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Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium

Written by Theresa Caputo with Kristina Grish

Narrated By Theresa Caputo

Produced and Published by Simon & Schuster Audio

Time 7 hours 40 minutes

Let me just start by saying that listening to Theresa narrate this book made it all the better. She is as much a delight to listen to in this format as she is watching her on her show. Her vibrancy and personality comes through. I will also say that she reminds me of my in-laws who are Long Islanders.

I learned a lot  about Theresa’s life before she became the famous Long Island Medium.

What as it like when she was a child? Things weren’t always easy.

Did she speak with ghost, spirit even when young? yeah, and at first wasn’t overly thrilled.

How’d she end up with Larry? You never know where you heart will find another.

Her children? A huge part of her life as are her parents.

But that’s not really what you want to hear about is it?

The book. Theresa talks a lot about her life before she accepted her gift. It took a lot of years, some therapy, and the help of a trusted friend and mentor. In the book she takes us through many readings giving us insight into how she views the other side and what or how they speak to her. You’d think that spirit would be straight forward and to the point, well, you’d be wrong. So many good stories about positive influences that came from a reading. Heart warming.

She enlightens us on what spirit is and wants, how God influences Theresa’s gift and where she sees her life going.

I highly recommend this book if you have any desire to know more about Theresa’s gift. To be honest, I never wanted it to end.

This book was penned by Theresa Caputo with Kristina Grish. Kristina did a great job of embodying Theresa and bringing fourth her personality in the writing style of the book.

Another great production by Simon & Schuster audio.