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Nevermore is the story of a poet named Edgar and an artist named Eleanor (Lenore). They meet one night at a hotel bordering North Carolina and Virginia. Edgar is sitting in his room accompanied by a bird name Grim, doing what he does, writing. This night his work is interrupted, not by a person, but another story that persists forcing him to write the new story. Entrenched in his work, time passes unnoticed until a noise outside his room draws his attention. Then he meets Lenore.

Gifted, Lenore senses spirits trapped in wood and stone. When she meets Edgar outside the hotel and they begin talking, she finds it’s his story she’s caught up in, or better, the spirit of a man trapped in a tree has brought them together. Is she drawing Edgar into Lenore’s visions, or is Edgar changing hers?

Separately they follow a path that leads each into the swamp and an adventure that will leave both changed forever.

I was enchanted by this book from the beginning. Between Edgar’s story unfolding with Grim’s insistence, and Lenore’s pull to put all she is into her work, I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn about the hotel and their occupants and the stories wrapped in the tree in the swamp.

Nevermore was a great listen, the narrator was easy to understand and the pacing did what it was intended to do, drew me in. Another great production by Crossroads Press.

If the title doesn’t pull you in, the story definitely will. Another wonderfully engaging story by David Nial Wilson.