A Charley Davidson Series, volume 5

Author: Darynda Jones
Narrator: Lorelei King
Publisher: Macmillan Audio

run time: 9 hours

Charley Davidson is a Grim Reaper and private eye, with a complicated love/sex life that includes, almost exclusively the son of Satan. As if that wasn’t enough, right? Her lot in life as the Grim Reaper is to help souls get to the other side. She gets the added bonus of seeing the souls, that no one else sees and few even sense, as they were upon death. Not always pleasant. But not everyone is ready to leave and when the bodies start pilling up in her apartment, Charley must figure out their connection to each other and how to get them to leave.

There’s a side plot about the son of Satan being an arsonist, as if that’s not just a little gimmicky, and Charley’s sister might be the murderer’s next victim, so she’s got that to contend with. Not to mention a few souls who come around to help her from time to time. the whole story is full of… well, the dead.

It’s got humor and a little sexuality and overall an enjoyable listen.

Is it wrong to say that Lorelei King is one of my favorite narrators? Well, she is and she does a brilliant job of narrating this book. With Macmillan Audio, this is a top notch audio experience.

Now I’ll get to the other side… sort of speak. As I said, I love to listen to Lorelei King narrate. She has narrated a number of books in another series I listen to. I found this detail to be confusing. This book and the other series  have a lot in common.  A LOT. I kept hearing the Main Character from the other series coming through the writing and no, the authors are not the same person. I’m not sure if it was the similarities in story/plot/character models, or that Lorelei narrated both that had me disoriented during some of the book. I’m sure someone who doesn’t/hasn’t listened to the other series as much as I have, at least ten times, won’t have this issue.

Bottom line, I recommend this as a fun listen.