Book 5


The latest in a rash of burglaries leaves one officer dead and a witness worried for her  safety. When criminal investigator Whit Pynchon shows on the scene his suspicion that there’s more to these burglaries than first thought is solidified. With the help of his girlfriend, local newspaper editor Anna Tyree, they uncover a link to neo-nazi and inside help. During each break-in the culprits go straight for fire arms as if they already know where they’re stored. Probable that the kids that live in the residences let slip the information. Whit looks to the local teen hang out ran by the church minister. Finding nothing conclusive, he suspects everyone even looking at a friend of his daughters.

This is another great book by Dave Pedneau and his compelling character Whit Pynchon. Whit’s a tough old bird who likes to complain a lot about living in Millbrook and spout off about how he’s going to move away and why. He never does. He’s got personality and when teamed with the energetic Anna Tyree, there’s good chemistry.

Chet Williamson again does a wonderful job of lending Whit his voice and it hits the old guys personality perfect. Another excellent production by Crossroad Press.

I know there was something I disliked about this book, but I can’t remember what it was so it must not have been that big-a-deal. And yes, I’ll be looking to listen to the remainder of the series.