Book 1


By Dave Pedneau

Narrated by Chet Williamson

Produced by Crossroads Press

Run time 8 Hours 16 minutes


Publisher’s Summary

Special investigator Whit Pynchon and crime reporter Annie Tyson-Tyree race against time to find the psychotic killer who is murdering the wives and girlfriends of all the cops in the small West Virginia town of Millbrook.

©1987 Holly Pedneau (P)2013 David N. Wilson


This story kept me on my toes from it’s fast paced narration to it’s shifts in point of view, the story evolved in a steady rythim.

The small town of Millbrook is turned on its side when the first, but  not the last wife of one of the local police is found murdered. Not just murdered but horrifically murdered and left in a very prominent location, where the woman’s spouse discovers her .

Whitt Pynchon is the prosecutor’s investigator. With years of police work under his belt, Whit has plenty of experience if not the department’s cooperation.

Annie Tyson-Tyree moved to Millbrook a few weeks ago and works for the newspaper covering the police section. Her reporters nose tells her there’s more going on with the case and the investigator and soon she and Whit are working together to solve a series of murders. Pressed further together by Whit’s young daughter, a romance begins that only brings them closer to the truth and each other.

A.P.B. is told using multiple points of view. Now I’ve read/listened to my share of stories told in this fashion, not all authors do it well, as those books go, this was about average. Dave introduces each point of view as we shift with Whitt having the most frequent Point of view. I did have two places where I went back a beat to listen a second time because I wasn’t entirely sure whose point of view I was in.

Did I like the book? For the most part. It’s fast pace,d which you all know I enjoy, and the multiple points of view didn’t throw me, but about ¾ into the book Dave throws in another character who for a time seems logical to be the murderer. I felt it was a little late in the game for this, but in the end… well, you’re going to have to read/listen to the book. (I prefer not to put in spoilers.)

Crossroads Press did an excellent job at producing an enjoyable listen with Chet Williamson giving the voice of the story a wonderful read.

To tell you how much I enjoyed the story, I just requested book 2.