“For the panacea I will require flense from the first victim. Or…” Curtis let his voice trail off and stared not a Sari, but at the bead of perspiration forming on her brow.

“Or?” Sari asked.

“The carcass of a nascent.” Curtis tapped his foot. “So just at the start of the turn. Not a minute later.”

“How would we capture one?” Sari asked.

“I have an idea.”


“No! please!” Sari screamed. “Daddy!”DANIEL'S ZOMBIE

Curtis watched Sari struggle in the straightjacket and restraints from behind a glass partition. He held the weapon in his hand, cocked and ready. It was a simple plan, really. Draw a zombie into the lab. Wait for him to bite Sari. Take the headshot. Collect his specimen just as Sari became one of the undead. After all, someone had to make the sacrifice. Someone, just not him.

“The needs of the many. Sorry, love.”

The end

This story was written for Jeff Hollar‘s flash fiction challenge using the Monday Mixer rules and words.