An audiobook novelization of the screen play  Alan Dean Foster

Narrated by Alice Eve

Produced by Simon & Schuster Audio

8 Hours 55 Minutes


I’m a Star Trek fan from way back in the beginning when it was a black and white tv show. Okay, maybe not that far back, but since I can remember. I’m one of those who balked when they first came out with a new generation and wasn’t too thriller when they branched out to other star ships and a star base. That said, I embrace the new Star Trek movies. The writers did an awesome job, in my opinion, of bringing that original feel to a new audience with the same characters but not the same. We still have James T. Kirk, Spock, and Bones, but as much as they are the same, they’re new without twisting the old to a place that would turn me off.
I have seen the new movies, both of them and loved them. Can’t wait to see the second one again as I’ve watched the first about a bazillion times. Now, I have a new love, if you will. Star Trek into Darkness is my first venture into a novelization of a motion picture. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how they could make the book, backwards, sort of, as I’m used to watching movies based on novels, but this was excellent.

The movement of the characters, the ship, as a character itself, came through in the writing. I’ve seen the movie, so again I had some expectations and maybe even was a little leery that they wouldn’t do the movie justice. They did.

We begin with Captian Kirk and Bones running from some primitive tribe on an unexplored planet where Spock, on the other side of the planet is trying to stop a volcano and save the world. But the real action doesn’t begin until they’re back on Earth and Kirk is striped of his command, a terrorist attacks the United Federation of Planets main headquarters killing a lot of people and Kirk is set on a mission to stop the man responsible. In this book, we see more of Kirks impulsive reckless side and by the end of the movie, Spoke is shown to be just as vulnerable to his emotions as any human.

As this was an audio book I had the added advantage of sound effects . Star Trek into Darkness came alive in this narration. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure a woman, sexists as that is, could do a good narration of a book where the majority of the characters are male, but Alice Eve not only did so, did it in a way that after the first few minutes, all I heard were the characters. Excellent job. She has a captivating voice with a great range in vocalization and the ability to give new voice to each character. And as I learned in doing some research for this review, she played one of the characters in the movie. Color me impressed at the scope of her abilities.

I was lost in the story just as I was lost in the movie. Bravo Simon & Schuster Audio, Alen Dean Foster, and Alice Eve.