By Eoin Colfer

Narrated by John Keating

Produced by Audiogo

time 10 hours 42 minutes

Dan McEvoy is your average guy. If your average guy lives, sometimes, with a bi-polar woman who thinks he’s her ex-husband most days, has a Botox shooting doctor friend he met in the Lebanon during the war, and is part owner of a casino with a gay guy who’s as flamboyant as they come. For me, this was my first introduction to Dan, I missed book 1, Plugged, and am told it was a riot. I’ll look it up later.  But Screwed? Screwed is bust out laughing funny in parts and just a barrel of laughs in other parts even as Dan is trying to stay alive.  The story has that noir feel to it, with Dan doing a little I-want-to-stay-alive detective type work as he tries not to get dead.

To say Dan is having a bad day is to say the Earth is slightly round. The day starts out okay, he wakes in bed with a woman who would love to get him naked. He’s not, for reasons  you’ll have to read to know. As he’s heading to his casino his doctor friend calls with bad news and the day goes down hill from there. At one point he’s trussed up in a… and handcuffed to a… and then beats some… with a…. and the next, he’s…. okay, I’m not giving away all the saucy details, you’ll have to read the book, and once it gets going, you’re not going to want to put it down.

From Dan’s ever introspective inner dialogue to his unbelievable antics, this book kept me in stitches even as I worried if Dan would make it out alive. The cast of characters is brilliant and the antics, OMG laugh out loud, in a crude sort of way.

As for the narrator? John Keating did an awesome job with Screwed. I loved John’s voice, his inflections, and his delivery just put the story in the right frame. The production was flawless and the story just a joy to listen to. Although, because I was laughing, I had to backtrack a few times.

If you like the noir type novel with a self-deprecating or maybe it’s just Irish Catholic guilt, in an I’m so screwed-up and screwed, sort of way, main character, who can literally kick-ass, whose day you keep thinking can’t get any worse, you’re going to love this book.