Twisted Roads by Travis Erwin


What can I say, Twisted Roads is not my normal read, but I found myself wanting to keep reading. Now, when I say it’s not my normal read, you all know I’m not a romance reader. This isn’t a ‘romance’ novel, I’d almost call it a coming of older age novel. That’s older age, not old age. We’re talking thirties.

A tarnished name and a bitter heart.

That’s all Angela Ross took when she fled Texas fifteen years ago as a teenager. Now, she’s back to take care of her grandmother’s estate. But in a town like Grand, where reputation means much more than the truth, some sins are never forgotten much less forgiven.

That’s the how the back cover starts, there’s more but you can read that much here. The gist, Angela and Shelly are high school rivals. when Angela comes back to the home town Shelly never left, everyone worries for their own secrets.  But the story isn’t about Shelly and Angela, it’s about the whole town. It’s about forgotten loves. Past hurts and lies. It’s about perceptions and ideas that often crumble when the truth is revealed.

What did I think of the book?

Travis has written very believable full characters with both the perfect presentation and unexpected flaws. Twisted Roads is not a romance, but has a romantic element. One minute I found myself hoping Angela survives the return to an overbearing narrow minded town and the next, thinking Lucas should just kiss… someone… I’m not telling who. During part of the story I wanted nothing more than for the town drunk to stop drinking. There was a point where I hated the preacher’s daughter and the next, sympathizing with her. The football hero brought another intrigue to the story and the dinner’s waitress left me remembering my own high school years.

From high school misconceptions and insecurities to small town narrow mindedness. Travis has written a story that brings  the good and the bad of into a story that kept me reading when in truth, we all know I prefer to listen to audiobooks.

By the way Travis, can you work on that? I’d like to see this offered in audio format.

You can learn more about Travis at his blog Bacon, Beer, & Books