The following is a flash fiction prompt I was directed to over at Kelly’s Eye by a friend who then challenged me to write my own piece. I took it a step further because of an additional challenge by a comment from First Draft Cafe suggesting the story be told by a woman and a man’s point of view.


The prompt…. If she waits 5 minutes

Limited to 150 words including the prompt

I’ve written two pieces, one from the woman’s point of view and the second from a man’s.

The Other Woman

If she waits 5 minutes, she’ll get to see her die. Aliyse put the poison in the chocolates with a 7 gage needle she took from the hospital. Watched as the glutinous wench devoured them as if starved. She left no detail to hang and soon she would have her Fred’s returned. He’ll never suspect her. He long since forgot his beloved wife in the eyes of this mistress, who looks much as Aliyse did 20 years prior. To ensure the results, as if the poison even in such a small dose wouldn’t be enough, plastic lined the walls of her car door promising an instant bang when closed. The pretty red-head will be mincemeat, served warm in a Sheppard’s pie with a fine white wine in long-stem glasses.

By midnight, he’ll be dead. All he has to do is have his pie and eat it too.


The Other Woman

If she waits 5 minutes, all will be answered and Fred won’t have to tell her the truth. For months he’s been seeing someone else. While she’s working. At the school volunteering for their son’s preschool class. At the library reading to the blind old woman who loves Shakespeare and can’t stand heavy romances.

He could admit to being a coward and only hoped his deliberate switch of times would bring the two women together, sparing him the need to break either’s heart himself. Not that it would hurt any less, but for days now he’s longed for an out.

Was it only last night that she’d questioned his loyalties? He’d lied, bold faced and felt no remorse, more relief the end was getting closer.

Sex? Was it all for that torrid moral sin?



Their marriage was dull…predictable, and the blonde would suck his cock.