When I married my husband a few decades ago, he came with family and lot of it. Some upon meeting me, thought I the odd duck, while others considered I was just shy. One of the cousin’s I inherited  lays claim to having ‘corrupted me’, her words. It this one whom I think of most often . Lisa has an endearing heart, a spirit for adventure, and a mouth that only a New Yorker could cultivate with such style. Her birthday, exactly six months to the day ahead of mine, recently passed and inspired me to write a few words for her. I’m not one for the poetic faith much, but I have my moments.


Imagine You

At our first meet you scared me senseless,
But there are people who come into our lives and touch us in ways we cannot begin to fathom,
Leave marks more permanent than scars and more precious than any gem.
Often we don’t see their value until they’ve left our lives,
some not in the physical, the spiritual.
If I had not known you I would be a far lesser person and for this if not other reasons I take today to thank you,
For your friendship, your love, your unending energy.
My failure lies in not communicating this to you every day,
But when things are at their best or you’re at your worst,
Know you are the dearest if dear to me.
I feel a kindred soul, thicker than the blood we don’t share.
Your strength of being lightens me.



She speaks to me on levels I don’t always comprehend
tells me of her struggles without conversing words
as she overcomes each obstacle
one can but feel how strong in spirit
if you’re the lashing of her tongue
you will feel her pain
Love transcends mountains
it traverses planes
over seas and through the heavens
through the fog of indecision
past the doors of hell
and into nothing
ever present in my mind if not my thoughts
I want that she knows this one undeniable truth
I love you