My One Square Inch of Alaska

By Sharon Short.


Dianne Lane isn’t the typical high school senior. She lives in a small Ohio town with her brother, Will, and father. Her mother passed away leaving her to raise Will, deal with her alcoholic father, and endure a disparaging grandmother. Like many teenagers from a small town, Dianne wants nothing more than to graduate and move away. When Will win’s a piece of the Yukon territory right after he’s diagnosed with a life threatening illness, Dianne decides a road trip is just what they need. The story is full of obstacles, distractions, life lessons, and discoveries that rock Dianne’s very foundation.


I was fortunate to attend the launch of My One Square Inch of Alaska and listen to Sharon read a portion of the book. Now, I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual book. I mostly read mysteries or police procedural; I enjoy Science fiction and Fantasy and often the young adult novel. So this isn’t what I’d normally pick up.

In going to the book launch, I knew I’d buy a book. After listening to her read, I’m an audiobook lover, she had my attention and I wanted to read the book. Then Sharon explained that while writing the book, she believed her audience was young adults, and discovered in sending queries that the book was main stream even though her main character was 16. I write YA, and thus curious to know why this was. These are the reasons I started reading the book.


Why did I continue reading My One Square Inch of Alaska?  Because I became completely engaged in the story and characters. I wanted, needed, to know what would happen to Dianne. That was in chapter 3. I finished the book in record time.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been drawn into a story and was unable to put it down. And as a writer, I am almost always aware of the writing, I want to use my reading time to learn more about my craft. Here’s the thing with My One Square Inch of Alaska, I was lost in the story and forgot about the writing. That’s speaks volumes.


Read the book. I know you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.