By Molly D. Campbell

This book is a collection of short stories describing, yep, you guessed it, characters. Molly started writing little snippets of character descriptions on Twitter until one day a friend suggested she put them together in a book. The resulting book is a romp of fun and very vivid, wildly imaginative characters that many of us have known at some point in our lives. I was fortunate enough to listen to her read several of her stories at her recent book launch and I was dying. I love a good audiobook and nothing ever beats hearing it in the authors own voice.

If you enjoy a quick jaunt into what makes someone who they are, you are going to love the snippets of characters in this book. From Dottie who cooks and sews and, did I mention she has buck teeth? To Lorette who I’d rather not meet in a dark alley. To Sergeant Winteregg who joined the academy because no cop named Winteregg would survive one minute in the streets. These characters are going to have you in stitches.

And Molly, if you get a chance to meet her, her husband or Randy Palmer the illustrator of the book, you should do it. They are all wonderful people with talent to spare. Okay, maybe not to spare, but they are super talented.

PS. Molly, I want this in audiobook format please.