By: James Swain

Reader: Stephen R Thorne

Run Time: 10 hours 50 minutes

Audio Go Books


Peter is a warlock and a physic who makes his living by performing magic tricks for a loyal audience in his private New York theater. He is also part of an underground group of psychics. Peter can read minds and with the help of his psychic friends through seances foresee the future. They use their talents to help the police prevent crimes.

He’s never told his live-in girlfriend about his abilities and this oversight comes to a head one night when he sees the city being devastated by an evil presence. As he and his friends hunt to find the culprit, his girlfriend leaves accusing him of changing and not being honest with her. As the story progresses, Peter is pull from both sides, his desire to save the city and his love of the girlfriend.  He is changing, changing in ways that frightens even Peter. The more he learns about the person and cult who are about to destroy the city, the more he learns about his parents and his abilities he’s  never really understood.

Dark  Magic is a entertaining story about a young man who is just learning about who he really is. His parents died when he was seven leaving him to be raised by family friends.  As the story develops Peter discovers talents and abilities those who raised him have tried to keep hidden. Although I enjoyed the story, I personally do not like to know the bag guy’s viewpoint. I prefer to discover the truth along with the main character. In Dark Magic we have both points of view and as we learn more about the evil doers, we have additional points of view. A little more than 3/4 of the way into the book, the author adds yet another point of view. Without giving away the ending, I will just say that I personally felt cheating when the real identity of the perpetrator is revealed.

Stephen R Thorne did an excellent job in reading the story. He gave life to all the character’s with distinct voices. He’s one reader I look for in audiobook narrators. AudioGo did a great job in the production