The ground was hundreds of feet below the aerie, not that it mattered, she had wings. What worried Rig was the imminent return of the nest’s owner, a large gryphon. She could use the halberd, claiming the nest for herself. It wouldn’t eliminate the pressing problem. Humans. They wanted if not to kill her, then to splice her genes with theirs in hopes of propagating a better race. They thought her vacuous, they were naïves. But father’s acerbic words “you bring us all to shame,” cut to the quick. Her own kin saw her as an abomination for the mere fact that she’d figured out how to use what God had given her. Not just wing and talon. Not just arms to swing a double axed weapon. Rig wielded an ability to bring imagination to life. With only pen and paper, she could write a world so vivid it breathed.


The above is a flash fiction piece written for the #5 Monday Mixer put on by Jeffrey Hollar at his site The Latiunum Vault.  Jeff provides a set of 9 words from which we must chose 3, 1 from each category. Location. Things. Adjective.

The picture for the piece is by gryphon’s-aerie titled Bird Goddess