Such Shall I Feel the Ties that Choke by Lori Fetters Lopez

I was locked in the belfry. Could have been anywhere, the abbatoir? But she locked me in the freaking tower. I had done nothing wrong. In my opinion. Mattered naught. Egregious offense, some dastardly devilish thing was the least of my transgressions. My crime was of the heart. A story old.

“Erioch?” Her shriek like voice called my name and I shuddered.

I could leap to the ground? Hope to fall into the grouse? There was an idea fit for a king.

She unlocked the door as I braced myself in shadow.

Her terse request, “A simple apology,” echoed.

“Apologize for not loving you?” I asked.

An audible swallow. “If be it.”

The unmistakable scent of drawn blood clawed and I knew her wickedness, her last vestige. “To bind me as such?” ‘Twas my turn to swallow, before springing to lap like a dog. Her leash making me powerless forever.


The above is written for the Monday Mixer prompt from Jeffrey Hollar’s blog The Lantinum Vault. That said, somehow I did this wrong and the words were not updated for this week, but I will post the story as I took the time to write it.