I wasn’t going to do another challenge, but several people expressed a desire for more…so, I’m doing another challenge, but with a twist. Here’s the idea. I’m going to write the first and last lines and you, my followers and the occasional stopper-by, are going to write the rest of the story by dropping the next part in the comment section. You are limited to 351 words. You can write a single sentence or a little more.

How will this work, as I’ve seen it collapse before… if you want to write the next section just post a comment, I GOT THIS and we will wait for you to post your portion of the story. Once you have posted, I will delete the I GOT THIS and wait for the next person to grab a section. I only ask you don’t keep us hanging more than a few days once you’ve claimed your section.

Boundaries; keep any sex and overt violence off stage. I don’t want erotica or graphic violence in other words. That’s it for boundaries. If you want your portion to be sci-fi and the next person goes horror well we will all just have to move on from there. Magical realism? fantasy? Cops and robbers? Evil maniacal genius? Dog? It’s all good.

At present I am unsure how long I will let this go, depends on how much participation I get. So lets see you’s in.


The whole thing was never goin to end well at any rate. We all knew. A given. But this… This was out of any realm of imagination. The fluffy white bunny’s dyed pink tail bobbed as it hopped over the carpet and the smell of fresh mown grass wafted through the wake. The bunny was unnaturally white. The grass soft like a kitten’s fur. When the sound of a steam engine some distance away began, the world froze as if zapped by a ray gun in one of those comic books left from decades gone.