Title: Titanium Rain
Author: Josh Finney
Narrator: Full Cast
Unabridged Length: 1 h, 38 m
Published by AudioComics, 2012
Genres: Dramatized




In the year 2031 mankind’s survival instinct is put to the test when a civil war in China spirals into global conflict. Nations are destroyed. Millions are killed. And for many, like US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival will mean shedding some of his humanity in exchange for biotech and machine. Is this the ultimate corruption of nature, or the birth pains of a new chapter in mankind’s evolution?


I have to tell you this is an amazing feat to have taken a graphic novel into an audiobook. The sound effects are perfect. And sound effects are numerous, almost to the point of being over bearing on the story.  The story line is fast paced and okay, at times confusing. One minute you’re in Alec Killian’s view and the next you’re seeing the scene from outside the whole conflict. As the story progresses it’s revealed that Alec is part of a group of washed out pilot-wanna- be’s who agree to become part machine for the chance of becoming pilots. These men are not well received by everyone. Some see this meld of man and machine as man playing God and the ultimate slap in God’s face. But once the fighting begins, no one can argue that the machine enhancement makes the difference between life and death for men and country.

As for the voices and narration, the cast was vast and well fitted for the characters. Each voice actor was very distinctive and they worked together into a cohesive story. I really enjoyed each character and the way they were portrayed .

What I disliked about the audiobook is the amount of sound effects. There were times I found it hard to focus on what was happening, not for the voices, but the background noise. I listened to the book twice just because I felt I’d missed some details with the distraction of the sound effects. Maybe they could have been played down some so of the sound effects. At time times the interaction of the characters was lost in the action.

Overall good listen.