When lightening struck the tree, Vodka jumped, dropped his twenty-sided die, and swore. “Despicable Cream.”

“You’re such a baby,” Sassafras said absent-minded. She looked up to find Vodka’s hair smoking, his fingernails black, and the tree behind him charred. Turning around she looked for their mother.

“He simply told the truth,” Vodka said. “Now mother’s a little miffed and…” he motioned to the tree. “Set one less plate for dinner.”

“Where is she now?” Sassafras asked.

Vodka pointed to the black cat slinking by the garden gate and knelt to retrieve his die. “Dad should know better than to double cross a witch on all hallows eve.”

“Her own husband turned into a tree.” Sassafras sighed.

“I think it was the romp with the fairy that set her hackles.” Vodka suppressed a giggle. “She turned his woody into wood.”

“You are so lame.” Sassafras shook her head as the cat mewed.

by Lori Fetters Lopez

I’ve been doing a little flash fiction writing and this story is the result of a prompt from Rebecca Clare Smith’s Journal SatSunTrails #35. Stories are to be 150 words give or take 5. Mine comes in at 151. The line required was “despicable cream.” and the picture