Written by Troy Lee Henderson

Narrated by William Dufris

Published by Mind Wings Audio, 2011

Run time 1 hour 17 minutes


Eathed is the story of an ancient dragon on his last days. He’s lived his life battling man, fleeing from place to place as man invaded his land. He hid and often fought armored men. Eathed has little tolerance for the plague that man is.  Coming to his end, Eathed has found a cave where he can rest while his body gives into the inevitable.

He is wrong.

A young boy, Simon, and his brothers, find Eathed. Frightened by the sight of a real dragon, they rush home to tell the village and their parents. Simon is taken to the leader of the village, and after telling the story, Simon’s grandfather, an old dragon slayer is tasked to find and kill the beast. Simon begs his grandfather to take him along as his squire. Grandfather agrees.

They face Eathed.

When Simon’s grandfather tries to attack Eathed, sword held high and shield at the ready, Eathed shoots flames. This effort leaves Eathed gasping and coughing. It leaves Simon’s grandfather hobbling as the weight of the sword throws his back out. Eathed crawls back into the caves. Simon helps his grandfather home, where Simon denies they’ve seen a dragon. Grandfather is sick and cannot articulate what he’s seen. He lies on his death bed and Simon lets out a sigh of relief.

After the encounter with Eathed, Simon can do little but consider the old dragon’s words. His claim that dragon’s have been unjustly crucified has Simon look at life anew. He decides to visit Eathed to perhaps learn about the dragon and what his ancient life has been.

Simon returns to the cave with an offering of a pig as an apology for bothering the dragon. Eathed is amused and surprised. He accepts the apology, but respectfully declines the pig as he is dying. Intrigued by a man, boy, who isn’t like any man he’s met before, Eathed invites Simon to return the next day to visit.

Eathed and Simon spend the next days together and a friendship of mutual admiration develops.


Eathed, A Dragon’s Tale is a charming story that is well written and magically narrated. William Dufris deliverers a wonderful read giving Eathed an old and distinguished voice, while Simon’s is one of awe and wonder. When it came to an end, I found myself wishing there had been more.