Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Narrated by John W. Michaels

Publisher: Audio Books by Mike Vendetti

Run time 1 hour 19 minutes



I’ll start with the fact that I’ve seen the movie and had certain expectations based on seeing the movies. This was quit different than the movie. I like it better and not as well. Though the basic premise was the same, the two had little in common.

As written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we first meet Benjamin with him wrapped in a babies blanket, doesn’t cover enough, sitting in on top of a bassinet. He’s naked except for the blanket. His father is dismayed, to say the least and his first instinct is to just leave. He doesn’t. In short order, Benjamin wants a cigar to smoke and takes his father’s.

Daddy, wants to treat Benjamin like any baby and insists number one on buying him baby clothes, or close to it. They end up being a suit more like a circus freak would wear. Time frame here when I say circus freak. Daddy also buys Benjamin baby toys which he insists Benjamin must play with. Benjamin is old even if he was just born.

At one point in the book, Benjamin wants to join the military and they think he’s too old. Later after he’s old, but now looks young, and has served in the military earning medals and rank, he returns and is told he’s too young.

I found the story  a little hard to follow. Imagine life backwards. You’re young, but you look old and then are old, but look like a kid. We have so many preconceived notions based on physical looks that people often don’t look beyond the obvious.

Now, I say hard to follow, but don’t think this isn’t well written because it is. As for the narration, John does a great job with voices and allowing us to know exactly who is doing what. This is the first book I’ve listened to with John narrating and he has a pleasing voice to listen to. The sound quality and other aspects of production were great.

Take a ride back to another era and imagine you’ve been born old. This does that very well. For me, I like a little faster paced story, but this is a great Sunday afternoon drive of a story and very enjoyable.