Or, where am I and what have you done with my mind?

I’m vacationing in NYC, visiting family and seeing the sights. We’re actually staying on Long Island with family. Sunday on the way into the city I was reading a blog post by one of those I frequently follow and I thought it would be a good post topic. As often happens: however, I cannot find the post nor can I remember the exact tone/topic of the post. Now if I could search Twitter or Facebook for specific topics within my friends, life would be easier.

This is not a working vacation, but that said, I strive to write every day all the same. I have been trying to keep up with some of my favorite bloggers/writers, by doing what other NY writers do, reading on the train. And thinking of many of those I follow. I could drop names, but I won’t.

Last week I took Stephen King’s book on writing back out and listened to it while at work. One of the things that stood out in the book, was how to get started as a writer. Besides the usual, you are going to get a lot of rejections. We all know that’s the case. SO I’ve endeavored to send out more queries, more pieces to magazines and the such pay or not. To get my name out there.
Jump forward to 2012 the month September and I still haven’t posted this or any post this week,I’m remembering the reason for the title about sharks. On that vacation, everywhere I turned I saw sharks. Posters, commercials on tv, keychains and books and billboards. they all reminded me of Query Shark and how my queries need tweaked. So I’m off to tweak a shark…or a query.