By Orsen Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

Earth Unaware The First Formic War

Read by Stefan Rudnicki and cast

Produced by Macmillan Audiobook from Tor Books

Run time 14 hours

Earth Unaware is part of a prequel trilogy, before Ender’s Game

“Before Ender Wiggin was born, before the Battle School was built, the aliens brought war to Earth.” Quoted from the cover of the CD.

There is so much to say about this book, it’s amazing. The story begins with Victor on the mining ship El Cavador deep in space. They’re not the only family out there, but the ships are months apart. When El Cavador spots a fast moving object and discover its a space ship and is going too fast to be human, they worry aliens. Are they are hostile or friend?

Victor and those aboard El Cavador want to warn Earth the the aliens are heading their way, but El Cavador is old as is their equipment for communicating. The only ship near enough for them to reach and thus able to warn anyone, is a corporate ship. They’re out in space on a science mission, or that’s how it begins. The captain decides he wants to test his new way of mining on the asteroid belt that Victor and his family are mining. They will take it by force or whatever works, and if someone gets hurt along the way… After all this is a business.

Someone must warn Earth.

The story is told from several points of view. Not only do we have victor, his family, the crew of the corporate ship, we are also taken to Earth and a group of military elite who prepare for every contingency.

This was the audio version, narrated by a phenomenal cast of readers who really did a great job of giving distinct voices to each character.

I’ve listened to Ender’s Game and a few additional Orson Scott Card novels produced by Macmillion audio and have never been disappointed in the writing, the narration, or the production quality.

I will say, and I’ve said it before, I’m not a prequel kinda girl, but this doesn’t feel like a prequel.

What I disliked about the book is the way it ended. It left me unsatisfied. I understand it’s a trilogy, but this felt like a leap off a cliff. Although the story did not leave anyone hanging out in space, it did leave me going… but… what happens next… you CAN”T just leave it here. And for me, the worst part is how long will I have to wait for the next book in the series?