From time to time I review books that I’ve read, and by read I usually mean listened to. Keyboards and Kink isn’t my usual read, I prefer mystery, detective, YA, fantasy or Sci-fi. Not to say I don’t read books with an adult theme, but it must have a plot. I do not read most romance books because the idea of romance is the romance is the story. The stories I read must have a strong plot, the romance can not be the entire. I have read a few erotic stories, I have not read the most popular one going around right now, but I have read Keyboards and Kink a collection of short stories published by Evernight Publishing. The main reason I chose to read the stories included in the collection is someone I truly believe is a gifted writer has a story in the collection, so I knew her story would be more than just sex. Cause let’s cut to the chase, sex is what it is about and even for someone I admire, I am not one to read a book just for sex. What can I say, I’m married and am good with that.

I’m here to tell you that yes, Keyboards and Kink is a book with sex, tastefully done. Now, I have not read every story, not sure I will, but the four that I have read have very strong plots and will satisfy those who like sex in their stories. The concept or theme of the book as you can deduce by the title is people involved who meet over the internet. Chat room, Twitter, Facebook. My worry in buying the book was the only story executed with an amount of style would be my friend’s. I was wrong. Which is good for everyone involved. Each of the stories I read had fully developed plots, very real and believable characters, and well, hot sex scenes.

In Laura’s Liaison, Laura Logan is an attorney with a high stakes power house firm who handle finance law. She’s sacrificed her social life in hopes of a junior partnership and is feeling a little stressed. In response she finds an outlet for her frustrations in an online chat room. I’m not going to tell you more about the story, but lets just say, by the end of the story…

I recently asked Eve Meridian the author of Laura’s Liaison, what sparked her walk on the erotic side? her answer;  curiosity. And when I questioned how long the story took to write?  A month because I was in new territory. But it was fun & challenging. Her answer to why Laura, a smart intelligent woman with a law degree?  I wanted to portray a real, level-headed woman who wanted to explore her opportunities & test her boundaries.

If you would like to learn more about  Eve Meridian, check out her blog  here, where she talks about her current writings.

There are 13 stories of cyber relationships and in my opinion, each one is better written than the current ‘it’ book. So if you are looking for a book with a little more heat, pick up a copy of Keyboards and Kink at Evernight Publishing, Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.